Why Participate.

Participate to showcase your organisation to the City of Sydney and International visitors looking to connect with local capabilities.

Participation and listing in the SSCBD is completely voluntary and free of charge. The intent is to create a reference point which reflects the broad scope, depth of expertise and vast talent within the smart cities value chain in Sydney.

Organisations participating will:

  • Raise awareness of their capabilities and showcase their Smart Cities product and service offerings to the City of Sydney;

  • Gain insights into their organisations strengths and weaknesses in a global trade context via the Global Readiness Index;

  • Have their business included in a database which will be used by the City of Sydney as a reference point for international delegations, chambers of commerce, investors and stakeholders looking to connect with Smart Cities solution providers; and

  • Be one of the first to hear from the City of Sydney about potential business development, marketing, Smart Cities events or other opportunities to showcase their products/services.

The way forward today is a community-driven, bottom-up approach where citizens are an integral part of designing and developing smart cities, and not a top-down policy with city leaders focusing on technology platforms alone.
— Bettina Tratz-Ryan research vice president at Gartner.
Keeping Sydney globally competitive is central to Sydney’s and Australia’s future and an important part of Sustainable Sydney 2030. The City must focus on the global economy and sustained innovation to ensure continuing prosperity
— City of Sydney
A truly smart city is one that has as its goal improving the quality of life of its residents, which means ensuring economic, social and environmental sustainability,
— Joan Enric Ricart